Founded in 2002 by two highly-regarded Chartered accountants, CDTL quickly distinguished itself as a reputable and respected authority in corporate accountancy; servicing SMEs in Sydney and London. With each founder bringing a unique perspective and multiple areas of expertise to the table, they have long since proven to SMEs and individuals alike that when it comes to corporate accountancy: CDTL goes above and beyond normal accountancy expectations to provide an unparalleled wealth of expert knowledge, insight and personal service as part of their daily routine.

With offices in Sydney, and London, CDTL is one of the few firms that are able to accurately advise clients on tax problems and tax related issues in both Australia and the United Kingdom. Currently, CDTL provides continued expert service to a wide array of diverse SMEs spanning the entire industry spectrum: financial services; importing and exporting; information technology; insurance; logistics; manufacturing; natural resources, medical; not-for-profit organisations; property; registered clubs; retail; and telecommunications. With decades of hands-on experience dealing with corporate businesses, SMEs and high net-worth individuals, CDTL prides itself on being able to deliver the highest possible standard of work professionally, ethically and economically, time and time again.

CDTL Clients

All CDTL clients – from individuals to large listed companies – have the added benefit of being able to talk to, and rely on, someone that has developed an extensive wealth of knowledge and experience from working with a wide variety of businesses across varying market sectors over the last decade. This allows CDTL to not only provide up-to-date, professional, corporate accountancy services, but also to offer insightful business advice that virtually every business can draw from and benefit. These industry sectors include, but are not limited to:

  • Financial services
  • Importing & exporting
  • Information technology
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturing & distribution
  • Medical
  • Not for profit associations
  • Property
  • Registered clubs and sporting associations
  • Retail
  • Telecommunications
  • Natural Resources (Mining, Oil and Gas)

Our Alliances

We understand that certain situations will require very specific types of expertise and that we simply cannot do everything ourselves. Due to this fact we have spent years constructing a network of invaluable trusted professionals and businesses that we can call upon in a moment’s notice, so that your business will not be left behind. These trusted professionals service the following areas:

  • Accounting
  • Family offices
  • Legal
  • PR & Marketing
  • Stock brokers
  • Venture Capital & Private Equity


CDTL prides itself on its ability to provide the necessary expert services, continued professional support and personal communication for today’s ever-changing business climate. Not only will our partners do all of the work personally, but our flat management structure enables them to actively get involved and provide the best possible support, service and advice that will inevitably enhance your business’s financial stability and return. We understand the importance of meeting deadlines and can work under tight time constraints to professionally satisfy your needs. Let our alert experienced-professionals problem-solve your business’s predicament for you and know that CDTL is actively working to find a better business solution that will benefit your financial position.